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Complete Music Trainer 1.1.0

We're excited to announce Complete Music Trainer 1.1.0, which includes the full port of custom training, making it feature complete.

We will now start hunting possible remaining bugs, so if you encounter any problem, please do not hesitate to send us a report.

We hope you enjoy this latest update and look forward to hearing your feedback. Happy practicing!

Complete Music Trainer released & Android/iOS apps improvements

Complete Music Trainer

We are very proud to announce that we have just released Complete Music Trainer, an application allowing to access Complete Ear Trainer, Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer on a desktop computer!

Complete Music Trainer is available directly in a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari are supported), or via packaged desktop apps (Windows and macOS), and it contains the entirety of our three acclaimed apps in a single convenient user interface.

The only thing currently missing in it is custom training (you can play your custom drills and custom programs created on Android/iOS, but not create or edit them in Complete Music Trainer yet), but it's already in the work and will be coming real soon.

Complete Music Trainer has a free trial period of 7 days, after which you can either subscribe (0.99€/month), or buy lifetime access (19.99€).

... but that's not all: we have also just released new versions of all our apps on Android and iOS with many improvements! See details below.

Android/iOS apps

In-app achievements

Achievements are now handled inside the apps. There is no need to sign in to Google Play Games or Apple Game Center anymore to unlock and display achievements.

Therefore, achievements are now always enabled, and a switch has been added in the apps' settings to optionally also publish your achievements to Google Play Games / Apple Game Center.

Cross-platform leaderboards

Leaderboards are now handled on our own servers instead of using Google Play Games / Apple Game Center, meaning that leaderboards are now cross-platform and are displaying - on a brand-new user interface! - scores from Android, iOS and Complete Music Trainer users.

Cross-platform cloud sync

We are now using our own servers to sync progression data in the cloud. Signing in to Google Play Games / Apple Game Center is not required anymore.

As a result, cloud sync is now cross-platform: your data will from now on be synced between Android, iOS and the web/desktop version of the apps.

Achievements and Complete Rhythm Trainer's saved free practices are also now synced in the cloud.

Cross-platform license

We are now using our own license server. Consequently - and this was a popular request! -, licenses are now cross-platform: if you buy the full version of the app on Android, the full version will also be available on iOS. And vice-versa.

New images

We were not totally happy with two of the images used in the apps (“custom training” and “achievements”), so we replaced them.

... and more:

  • You can now set a profile picture that will be displayed on leaderboards
  • You can now delete your account directly from within the apps
  • Typography is now bolder in many places to improve readability
  • Separators have been added to the app menu
  • Custom programs: Leaderboards and Invite friends/students menu items have been added
  • You can now reset options to default values in the custom drill options screen
  • A lot of bug fixes, minor improvements and under-the-hood structural changes and improvements

What's next?

So, now, what's next? Well, we are definitely not stopping there!

In the next few weeks, we will implement custom training in Complete Music Trainer and finish tweaking and improving the iOS versions of the apps that are still needing a touch of polish in some places.

Once that is done, we have many ideas for the future. We don't know exactly what we will do and in which order, but we have started to think about improving the experience for schools and teachers, adding chord reading to Complete Music Reading Trainer, and adding a new mode in Complete Ear Trainer. If you have some ideas about these subjects, do not hesitate to email us at contact@binaryguilt.com, now is the time!

We are very excited about this new cross-platform architecture and about the ability to access the apps on any device. We hope that you will enjoy it too!

iOS: Polyrhythms and Free Practice modes are now available

Happy to announce that Polyrhythms and Free Practice modes are now available on iOS (in Complete Rhythm Trainer).

Let's practice those 7:11 polyrhythms!

The future of Complete Ear Trainer, Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer

First, we would like to start by thanking everyone who uses our apps. We have a lot of incredibly nice feedback and if we usually don't answer them, we sure read them with great pleasure and they are very important to us and what keep us going.

We are currently very happy with the state of the apps on Android, and we have a build compatible with Android 12 ready to be published. On iOS, there is still a lot of things to port and small things to improve, but we are confident that the iOS port of the apps will be on par with their Android counterparts within a few months, with the same features and level of attention to details.

We are also investigating in possibly adding two major features:
• A new mode dedicated to chord progressions in Complete Ear Trainer
• A new drill type (or dedicated mode) in Complete Music Reading Trainer: chord reading

But, and this is the main point and object of this post, we are also thinking about changing some things on a more fundamental level. And as we are not really sure of what would be best both for users and for us, we would be really interested in having your feedback and help us decide what the future of our apps will be.

You might have heard about the recent news of Windows 11 being able to natively execute Android apps. That will definitely be a great feature of the OS. But this feature will use Amazon AppStore, and not Google Play. This means that you will not be able to use any of the apps you bought on Google Play on Windows 11: you will be able to download them, but as they won't be able to access the Google Play services, you will not be able to retrieve your license and sync your progression between Windows 11 and your mobile devices.

It's because the app is a "traditional" app: when you install it on Google Play or Apple AppStore, it uses the features of these stores to handle the licensing and the sync with the cloud. It's a model that really has its advantages: we don't have to build, maintain and operate our own servers. That's why we can offer a "one-time payment that unlocks everything forever" (and one that is quite reasonably priced).

But we don't like the idea that you cannot sync your progression and license between platforms.

Also, we have started to think about making a web and desktop version of the apps.

And that's why we started to look into alternatives.

The alternative to the traditional app/software model is to have what is called a software as a service: you can use the software as a service on any device (Android, iOS, web, desktop), and your license and data are always synced between your different platforms and devices.

This is great, but there is a major problem with this: we cannot rely on Google Play or Apple AppStore services anymore. We have to build, maintain and operate our own servers. And that has a cost.

In other terms: we cannot offer the same "one-time payment that unlocks everything forever" with this model: we will need to have a subscription of some sort to be sure that we can continue operating servers and cover server costs in the future.

There is no way around this. Some companies manage to do software as services that stays free, but they are either huge company with funding that do not care to loose some money, and/or they sell your data. With niche apps for musicians, no funding, and with selling data absolutely out of the question, this is impossible for us.

But we are not sure about what would be the best way to do this. Not doing it at all and keep the traditional approach? Making the subscription optional? Making the subscription mandatory for new users?

That's quite the puzzle for us, and that's why we made a survey that you can take if you have a few minutes to spare: your feedback will be very important in helping us make the right decision.

Last thing: we are thinking of also improving our teacher/school management. If you are concerned by this, please answer the questions at the end of the survey and do not hesitate to be in touch with us and submit feedback and ideas.

Please click on this link to start the survey: https://forms.gle/1jkf6dGULAn6EXUR9

Thank you very much for your time and your help,

The Binary Guilt Software team.



The three apps that we have created and developed (Complete Ear TrainerComplete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer) have been downloaded more than 2 million times on Google Play!

We are humbled by this, and hope that these apps have been useful to most of the people that downloaded them.

In addition to continue working on the iOS port (a few features are still missing on iOS), we have started to work on some very cool new features for the near-future, more information coming soon!

Cocoon, Translation and Localization Management System

The translation and localization management system we initially developed to crowdsource the translation of our apps Complete Ear Trainer, Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer has just been released publicly as a fully-featured software under the name Cocoon.

You can see more details by going to https://cocoon-translation.com. If you have a game, app, software, website, or any project that would benefit from a crowdsourced translation (or if you want to ease the work of your translators), there is a demo and a free 30 days trial so please have a look!

Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer are now available on iOS!

We are thrilled to announce that Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer are now available for iOS!

You can download them here:

A few features are still missing compared to the Android version of these apps, but we have already started to work on them and they are coming in forthcoming updates very soon. Please find below the details of what is missing currently.

Complete Rhythm Trainer

  • Free practice mode is not available yet.
  • Polyrhythms mode is not available yet.
  • Custom drill creation/edition is not yet implemented in the app, but custom programs are. That means that if you are a teacher and have created custom programs on Android for your students, your iOS students can definitely join and play your custom programs on the iOS version of the app. Only the drill creation/edition is not yet available.
  • You cannot yet change tempo in drills.
  • You cannot yet individually set the metronome/instrument volumes in the app settings.

Complete Music Reading Trainer

  • Custom drill creation/edition is not yet implemented in the app, but custom programs are, same as for Complete Rhythm Trainer.
  • You can already connect a Bluetooth MIDI controller, but the user interface is not yet implemented. Therefore, the app will automatically connect to any Bluetooth MIDI controller available if you choose Bluetooth in the app menu.
  • Statistics are not yet available.

Apart from these, the apps should be identical to our Android versions. They should also be pretty stable, but do not hesitate to report any strange behavior you might encounter by emailing us at contact@binaryguilt.com.

Thank you for your patience, and please help up spread the word!

App updates

Almost a year since we have made a post about Complete Ear TrainerComplete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer. Time for an update!

First we have a developed a translation management system so anyone can help translating the apps in different languages. You can find it here: https://translate.binaryguilt.com. Thanks to this tool, but above all thanks to the wonderful Maksym Vlasov, Ezequiel Santos, Tomasz Sęczkowski, Christian Plonka and Miranda Roll-Lund:

Then, these last few months we added two sections to Complete Rhythm TrainerPolyrhythms (play and practice any polyrhythm) and Free Practice (write and play any rhythm).

On the iOS side, we are hard at work on the iOS port and we finally released custom programs for the iOS version of Complete Ear Trainer. Custom programs are of course cross-platform and you can create custom programs for your students that can be joined and played from both Android and iOS devices. Remaining features are currently ported (additional sound banks, UI update, etc.) and as soon as it is done, Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer port will start. We hope to release everything this year.

That’s all for now!

Complete Rhythm Trainer

Excited to announce that our brand new app Complete Rhythm Trainer has been released on Android!

About the app:

The ultimate rhythm training app for musicians. Learn to read, recognize, tap and write rhythms from simplest to most advanced. Rhythm is one of the most important aspects of music and one that every musician should become proficient with. Designed like a video game and with strong pedagogical concepts in mind, this app will make you master rhythm while rendering the learning process enjoyable.


  • 252 progressive drills arranged over 4 levels / 30 chapters
  • Extensive content: from simple time signatures to compound and asymmetric time signatures, from half notes and quarter notes to thirty-second notes, triplets, swing eighths, double dotted notes, quintuplets, …
  • 5 drill types: rhythm imitation drills, rhythm reading drills, rhythm dictations, two-voice reading drills and two-voice dictations
  • Play a selection of 11 drills in arcade mode
  • Most of the drills are randomly generated, enabling you to practice the studied rhythms as many times as needed
  • 21 instrument sound banks with actual recorded sounds: conga, bongo, djembe, darabuka, woodblock, piano, pizzicato violin, …
  • 4 sheet music display styles: modern, classic, handwritten and jazz
  • … and much more!

Get it here: