The ultimate Android/iOS ear training app for musicians. Develop your relative pitch to the full by improving your aural skills and your music theory knowledge.

The ultimate Android/iOS rhythm training app for musicians.
Learn to read, recognize, tap and write rhythms from simplest to most advanced.

The fastest way to learn to read sheet music and improve your sight-reading skills on Android/iOS.

The ultimate music training app. An application for web browsers and desktop computers which includes the same content as Complete Ear Trainer, Complete Rhythm Trainer, and Complete Music Reading Trainer, packaged in a single convenient user interface designed for computer screens.

Translation and Localization Management System. Crowdsource the translation of your game, app, software, or website – or work with a few hand-picked collaborators – in a modern and powerful web-based translation and localization system.

Quality apps for exacting musicians, made with love in Liège, Belgium and Besançon, France